The use of Renewable Energy instead of Fossil Energy Sources is essential for the future of our technology based societies, whose functioning is linked to consuming energy.

Not to change our actual habit of producing and consuming energy, will lead to devastating climatic consequences, followed by an extreme ecological, social and demographical transformation that no society on earth is prepared to cope with.

We have developed this project to help let children playfully understand renewable energy technologies and why to use them.

The project is offered to school classes, environmental groups, holiday camps etc.

Additionally we present it at teachers trainings.

We work outdoors in small groups parallel. Everybody can get directly involved in a hands-on way. The experiments, games and activities are fun and address all senses.

We cook and bake with solar energy, install a model solar hot-water collector, produce electricity by using water, sun or muscles. Energy consumption and Energy-saving are addressed in different experiments.

We also lend out the equipment to teachers or others who had a chance to familiarize themselves with the equipment before hand, preferably in a teachers training or by joining us “at work”.



Renewable Energy Project for Primary School Classes

With our offer we support the educational tasks of the syllabus of Bavarian Primary Schools.


The following aspects are part of the syllabus:


Interdisciplinary tasks in environmental education:

  • foster understanding of sustainable actions

  • experiencing the political and social dimension of environmental questions


Guidelines for social studies:

  • class shall be oriented towards experiencing, acting, finding out

  • bearing in mind the natural fun in questioning

  • Past - Futur

  • experiencing the power of nature

  • learning about natur and technology, time and history


General note: through direct interaction children learn with all senses



For teachers who wish to prepare the topic with their students we have supportive hand-outs about cliamte change, CO2, sustainable energy consumption, etc.


Renewable Energy Project for Secondary School Classes

For elder pupils we add the topic "Why Renewable Energies?" We show the global social and ecological impact of fossil fuel consumption.

consuming fossil material producing electricity, heat, cooling, industrial products and mobility. Special mention of course goes to global warming. The natural greenhouse effect is explained. Human burning of fossil fuels enhances this effect. We encourage the students to discuss the correlation of climate change and burning fossil source fuels such as coal, oil and gas, the consequences and alternatives.

The emphasis lies on the alternatives we have: ranging from intelligent use of energy, energy saving to renewable energy sources.


The topic "Why Renewable Energies?" is presented in a classroom or simular ambience, supported by overhead- or data-projector. The practical part of the project takes place outdoors.


A Renewable Energy Project is an activity that can be integrated with most environmental and social work. Teaching children and youngsters the values of sustainability, respect for nature, and interest in social, scientific and technical solutions for the urgent problems on our planet Earth, is one of the most noble tasks of the moment.

You are welcome to use or adapt our ideas.



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